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The GI Map Interpretation Package

Get the answers behind your bloat & heal your gut once and for all

Find The Answer To Your Symptoms

The GI Map Test

If you've gone to your doctor in attempt to resolve your gut issues but all your test results come back normal - that's not the end of the road. 

The GI Map is a functional stool test that shows you exactly what's going on in your gut so you can finally have answers to what's causing your symptoms.

If you struggle with:

  • Chronic bloating 

  • Irregular bowel movements (diarrhea/constipation)

  • Abdominal pain/cramping

  • Acid reflux/heartburn 

  • Brain fog 

  • Fatigue 

  • Weight gain/weight loss

This test is a crucial part of your healing journey

Click here to learn more about how the GI Map test can help you get to the bottom on your symptoms and heal your gut. 

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Maryanne Wayland a Holistic nutritionist specializing in gut health located in Toronto Ontario

Meet Your Nutritionist -Maryanne

Hey There, Welcome!

I am a Toronto-based Holistic Nutritionist specializing in gastrointestinal health. I've dedicated my practice to helping women just like you find the answer to what's causing their digestive symptoms so they can finally heal their gut for good!

I struggled with digestive issues for more then 10 years that had me look like I was 6-month pregnant after everything I ate, downing coffee and laxatives praying to have a morning bowel and felt like I was dragging myself through the day once 3 o’clock rolled around - I felt like a prisoner in my own body.

For years I worked with health professionals in attempt to get to the bottom of my symptoms but every test I ran came back normal and I was left back at square one again. 

Functional testing was the breakthrough that helped me finally understand the symptoms I was experiencing and the steps I had to take to heal my gut. 

You're an advocate for your own health and deserve to know what's going on in your body - no more guessing. 

These mini protocols include nutrition, lifestyle and supplement recommendations to help heal IBS, SIBO, Dysbiosis, Candida and Acid Reflux.  Not sure where to start? Take our Bloat Quiz to help get to the bottom of what could be causing your symptoms and find out which protocol is best for you

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Gut Healing Mini Protocols

Finally get the answers to what's making you bloated! This package includes a GI Map test and detailed interpretation of your results along with a customize protocol so you can feel confident in knowing how to tackle your sympotms and heal your gut.

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The GI Map Interpretation Package

4- Month
1:1 Coaching Program

Ready to get serious about healing your gut? This 4-month 1:1 coaching program helps your get to the root cause of your symptoms & provides personalized protocols that will get you results that last!

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Working with Maryanne was honestly such a blessing. She healed my gut in ways my gastro doctor who I’ve been with for almost ten years wasn’t able to do. She made herself available to me whenever I needed her or had a question. I am so happy I went on this journey with Maryanne.

Morganne H.


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