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The Bloated Babes Bootcamp

Everything you need to Beat your Bloat at your own pace

How many date nights, vacations, or special occasions have been ruined because of your bloat?

Maybe you were having a great time at a party, but had to leave early because you ate something that triggered a flair up

Or you couldn’t wear your favourite dress to dinner because your bloat made you look like you were 6-month pregnant.

Not to mention constantly worrying about what to eat that’s not going to trigger your symptoms, it’s exhausting.

How many more moments are you willing to let your bloating get in the way of?

Take Charge of Your Health

By the end of the bootcamp you will...

  • Feel confident in your own skin so you can get back to wearing the clothes you love.

  • Enjoy the foods you love without bloating or guilt!

  • Know how to naturally increase your energy levels so you can say goodbye to your afternoon crashes.

  • Perfect your poops by by knowing what to do to have a satisfying bowel movement every single day.

  • Know how to create a balanced lifestyle that both supports your health goals and allows you to enjoy going out again!

  • Feel confident knowing how to support your gut health to keep your bloat away for good!

Red hair women in the kitchen preparing vegetables
Women standing in the kitchen holding a coffee

I'm Maryanne

A fellow bloated babe myself

I struggled with bloating and other digestive symptoms for over 8 years, so when you say you’re sick and tired of being bloated - I hear you.

Bloating controlled my entire life. I would cancel plans due to stomach pain, not eat for an entire day if I knew I had an event that evening that I didn’t want to be bloated for, and I was stuck on a low FODMAP diet for over 2 years which made me the worst dinner date ever!

Countless doctor’s visits and referrals had me believe that this was normal and that I should be thankful to be in good ‘health’ when really I felt like sh*t 24/7.

I felt helpless, with no guidance from my doctors and years of trying to blindly piece together a plan for healing my gut that got me know where.

If you are like me and spend hours thinking about your bloat and let it control how you feel everyday I created this program to give you the tools you need to better understand whats going on and how to beat your bloat for good.

This program is for you if...

  • You’re tired of being bloated 24/7 and dealing with other digestive issues that are affecting your quality of life.

  • You’re getting no where with your doctor and other health professionals with healing your symptoms.

  • You want to stop stressing about what foods to eat.

  • You feel lost and frustrated with trying to heal your gut on your own.

  • You have, or suspect that you may have any of the following;

    • SIBO, IBS, Candida, Dysbiosis, Leaky Gut

  • You’re ready to invest in your health and follow a plan that actually works!

Women in kitchen preparing vegetables

What's Included

Clinically Proven Framwork

Maryanne’s framework for healing the gut that has helped countless women improve digestion, increase their energy levels, perfect their bowel movements and finally say goodbye to bloating for good!

Video Recordings & Additional Resources

The program includes hours of video guides walking you through each phase as though Maryanne is working right along side you and additional resources to help you stay on track.

Done For You Protocols

Complete done for you protocols including nutrition, lifestyle to supplement recommendations so you know exactly how to repair your gut.

The Bloated Babes Bible

This is your complete guide for building a strong digestive foundation, improving bowel movements, grocery shopping tips and so much more!

Access to the Bloated Babes Community

Access to the Bloated Babes community where you're able to ask Maryanne questions you have throughout the program and be supported by an amazing community of women who are ready to beat their bloat!

BONUS Modual

How to Have a Happy Gut for Life is a bonus module that gives you the tools you need to maintain a healthy gut without having to restrict your diet or be stuck on a treatment plan forever.

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Women reading a recipe book
What's inclued BBB


Modules BBB
Lemon water with sliced lemons on the side

Phase 1

Preparing for Detoxification 

In this phase we work on opening your drainage pathways to improve your body’s detoxification process and ensure that toxins are eliminated on a daily basis. If one of your pathways is blocked or not functioning properly your body can hold onto toxins making it difficult for your gut to heal and could be contributing to your symptoms. We also work on improving your digestive functions so you can get relief from your symptoms fast!

Arugula salad

Phase 2

Gut Detox

In this phase I show you how to rebalance your gut microbiome by eliminating any unwanted bacteria, pathogens, yeast or viruses that may be present in your gut and how to rebuild a strong and healthy gut environment. Bloating can happen for a number of different reasons that’s why I included an in-depth quiz that can help you narrow down what may be causing your bloat.

Bags of fruits and vegetables

Phase 3

Gut Healing

It’s important to rebuild a healthy gut microbiome that’s why in this phase I show you how to strengthen your gut barrier and repair any damage to your gut environment to prevent future infections or imbalances from happening.

Bowl of apricots

Bonus Phase

Happy Gut for Life

No one wants to be stuck on a treatment plan forever and you don’t have to be! In this phase I show you how to nourishes your body without restricting your diet and go over what supplements to take that can help you maintain a happy and health gut for life so you won’t feel lost in the supplement isle again.

The Intestment

Investment BBB

If you’re ready to beat your bloat and finally get back to feeling like your best self again, it’s time to invest in yourself. I want to make this program accessible for you so I've included 3 different payment plans that work out to be less then a Starbucks latte a day!

Pay in Full

One payment of



2 payments of


Monthly Plan

Three payments of


Where do you see yourself in 6-months if you continue down the path you're on to heal your gut?




Women holding bag of groceries in the kitchen

You can stay where you are and let your bloat be control, making you feel uncomfortable in your clothes and stressed around food

You can continue to blindly take supplements and follow the advice you see online only to experience minor relief from your symptoms

Or you can get to the root cause of why you’re bloated and finally understand what’s going on so you know exactly how to heal your gut and beat your bloat for good!

Get results like this!

Working with Maryanne was honestly such a blessing. She healed my gut in ways my gastro doctor who I’ve been with for almost ten years wasn’t able to do. She made herself available to me whenever I needed her or had a question. I am so happy I went on this journey with Maryanne.

Morganne H.



How long is the program?

The Boated Babes Bootcamp is designed to be completed at your own pace however, I recommend following the suggested time lines provided for each module. You will also have lifetime access to the program to refer back to at any time.

Do I have to live in North America to purchase this program?

Nope! You can purchase and use this program almost anywhere in the world. If you cannot find certain supplement recommendations in your area please reach out to Maryanne and she will do her best to find you an effective alternative.

What if I have questions?

Once you purchase the program you will have access to the Bloated Babes Community to ask Maryanne any questions you have along the way. This is also a safe space to share expereinces and ideas with other women that are enrolled in the program and are going through a similar situation as you. Access to the community is valid for 1 year after the date of purchase.

What is the refund policy?

All sales are final.

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